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Minnesota "Nice"

The Minnesota Nice exhibit has been an ongoing theme/project for me over the last few years that’s led me to unearth more content related to microcosm of racial tension in our region. The intention of the series was not for shock value, but for the work to serve as an invitation to explore different ways of experiencing life, and experiencing each other, while using art as the invitation. It’s a reflection of all shades, of living in a community that wants to be open and friendly but doesn't want to necessarily be "my neighbor." I believe that when we really see each other, we become better humans, to and for each other. I have the ability and gift to address complicated and uncomfortable issues with respect, humor, sincerity and seriousness all at the same time. In turn, I hope to make relevant issues, however complicated, more approachable, therefore increasing accessibility to the many layers of ourselves and our community.

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